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S 500 F

Technology in tune with your Talent.


Structure built in solid steel, with anticorrosive treatment and coated in high impact polystyrene, provides greater safety, strength and durability to the whole.

Base with anti-slip debris, avoiding the fixing on the floor.

Equipped with a curved surround back, which besides providing comfort to the patient, allows greater approximation to the operative field.

It has integrated foot pedal, unifies all foot controls, allowing the chair, equipment, water unit and reflector to operate.


Wide upholstery, with lumbar support, mounted on rigid frame covered with high resistance injected polyurethane, coated with laminate, seamless, non-toxic, non-flammable material. Available in 12 exclusive colors.

Leather upholstery (optional).

With 8 colors available.

Head rest

Anatomic, removable, bi-articulable and height-adjustable headrest with anterior, posterior and longitudinal movements.

Easy-Fix ​​System

Convenient in removing the back of the chest, making cleaning and disinfection easier, thanks to the Easy-Fix ​​system.

Pneumatic armrest

Fixed arm support with rounded finish eliminates movement and facilitates cleaning and disinfection.

A fixed arm and articulated arm, with pneumatic device activated through the control panel of the equipment, that allows to control the movement of the arm “fall” facilitating the patient’s access, automatic movement (fall) when the chair reaches the zero position facilitating the patient’s exit.

Lifting system

Electromechanical driven by BOSCH gearmotor with soft start.

Provides smooth movement.

Eliminates the feeling of bumps when triggered.

Increases engine life.

Anti-crushing protection

When the chair is moving down the seat, any obstruction under the chair will trigger this device, automatically stopping all movements of the chair, preventing further problems.

Electronic system

Integrated and low voltage: 24 volts.

It allows total interface with reflector, equipment and Saevo electronic water unit.

Greater patient and professional safety.

Ensures longer component life.

Position of Trendelemburg

Synchronized movements between the backrest and the seat. At the end of the downward stroke of the backrest allows the position of Trendelemburg (position adopted where the legs and pelvis are at a higher level than the chest and head).

Integrated connection box

Optimizes space within the office.

ON / OFF button

The on / off button is located on the side of the base of the chair making it easy for the professional to access.

Support arm for the patient.

Commands Pedal

Pedal coupled with joystick system for seat and backrest movement.

Provided with commands with the functions:

Three working positions,

Returns to the zero position,

Spit position and return to last position,

Locking of chair movements

Reflector drive.

Power supply voltage

127 or 220V ~ 50 / 60Hz.


Anatomic, removable, bi-articulable, height-adjustable headrest with front, rear and longitudinal movements and lever locking system.



Arm with pneumatic lock.

01 Triple syringe.

01 terminal for micromotor.

02 terminals for high rotation

01 LED x-ray scope.

01 PAD panel with all chair controls, Equipo, Water Unit and Reflector functions.

01 Pressure gauge

Central control panel with the following drives:

Rise and fall of the chair seat.

Raise and lower backrest.

Emergency chair stop.

Position back to zero.

Negatoscope with light generated by semiconductor devices (LED).

Programmable vat and cup water.

Spit position and return to last position.

Lower arm activation.

Work scheduling.

Ignition of the reflector.

Articulated Arm

Attached to the chair, with horizontal movements, articulated arm with horizontal and vertical movements, with pneumatic locking device for the vertical movements, actuated by button located in the body of the equipment.

Triple syringe


Rotary, removable and autoclavable nozzle.

It allows the inclusion of Kit for heated water in the triple syringe (optional item).


Smooth, rounded, light and flexible, no grooves or grooves.

Tip support

With individual pneumatic drive.

Connection box

Compacta built in ABS with rounded corners.

LED Displacer

Wide field of illumination for better visualization of periapical and occlusal radiographs. -LED and white LED illumination.


High gloss glossy epoxy paint, greenhouse polymerized at 250ºC, resistant to corrosion and cleaning materials.

Body of the team

Constructed of high impact polyethylene.


Bilateral with pneumatic actuation

Side panel with:

Pressure gauge that allows the visualization of the air pressure and control of the power supply of the equipment.

Translucent reservoir for:

Water from handpieces and triple syringe.

Water Unit

Proximity sensor

Features a unique approach sensor that automatically triggers the flow of water into the spout, providing greater convenience, patient comfort, safety and water savings.


Deep, removable and drain for solids retention and cover to prevent splashing.

Filter of debris

Debris filter located on the body of the water unit, easy to clean and access.

Water flow control system

Allows fine adjustment of water flow.


It is accompanied by two suckers being an air saliva sucker (Venturi System) and a suction terminal for connection to a vacuum pump.

Optional – 02 suction pumps for vacuum pump.

Folding water unit

45º folding water unit and 180º folding tank, allowing a wide mobility that allows the approximation of the auxiliary to the operative field and ease of approach of the patient when in a spit position.

Coaster system.

Triple syringe and water heating for triple syringe (optional).

Reach arm

Range arm with possibility of inclusion of up to three terminals with PAD commands.


800 ml translucent reservoirs for: Water from handpieces and triple syringe.


Lighting technology – LED.

Less energy consumption, consumes up to 95% less electricity than conventional models.

Does not use light bulbs.

Longer life of the light source (LED), up to 50,000 hours.

Proximity sensor

The drive of the reflector is carried out exclusively by the approach sensor located at the bottom of the head, avoiding the risk of cross-contamination.

Selection of light intensity is also performed through the proximity sensor.

The reflector has an internal digital electronic system, with easy and fast programming.

Cold light source

It does not generate heat in the operative field.

Rectangular light focus

When properly positioned for illumination of the mouth, it does not generate discomfort in the region of the patient’s eyes.

Increase the size of the focus of illumination of the oral cavity, providing a greater area of ​​illumination in the field of work.


Totally innovative with rounded lines, it delivers a modern, harmonious look and makes handling easier.


Made of durable material, with 620º rotation. It is light, has high durability and allows wide mobility in various positions.

New design that features more robust body and easy hygiene.

Orbital movement (allows for various angles in the illumination of the operative field).


Bilateral-shaped handle – allows isolation avoiding the risk of cross-contamination.

Removable and autoclavable.

The positioning of the handles makes it possible to choose the position according to the professional’s needs.

Front Protector

Removable, constructed of durable and transparent material, it protects the optical system against aerosol.

The office can be configured with one of the versions below:

Sirius Sensor 3 LEDs

Optical system with 3 LEDs.

Three Intensities: 10,000, 20,000 and 30,000 LUX (with variation of + -10%).

Sirius Sensor 5 LEDs

Optical system with 5 LEDs.

Three Intensities: 15,000, 25,000 and 35,000 LUX (with variation of + -10%).

Sirius Sensor 3×2 LEDs

Exclusive Orange Technology.

Optical system with 5 LEDs: 3 white LEDs + 2 orange LEDs.

Four light intensities – White light: 15,000, 25,000 and 35,000 LUX (with variation of + -10%) and Orange light: 5,000 LUX.

Allows use of Orange light (orange)