Saevo Bioclave 21 Litros Inox

Saevo Bioclave 21 Litros Inox

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Bioclave 21 Litros Inox

Plucky and innovative design 

Tank’s capacity: 21 liters

Pressure tank
: In stainless steel
Quick tank heating and cooling.
Safety and resistance to constant heating processes.

Trays: In stainless steel
Excellent mechanical strength and resistance to temperature ranges keeping its characteristics.

Door: Injected aluminum coated with steel
Light and stable openings, assuring appropriate close and sealing during all sterilization cycle.

Door’s Seal ring: Silicon
It has excellent flexibility and resistance to temperature and pressure ranges, assuring suitable sealing.

Internal thermal Insulation:
 Glass wool
It assures that heating cycle occurs with higher speed with no loss of temperature and keeps the device’s external temperature within the acceptable safety limits.

Indication for Monitoring:
 Manometer (pressure / temperature)
It allows suitable monitoring of work temperature and pressure during all sterilization cycle.

Control panel:
 Positioned at frontal part (indicates operations / control keys)
Easy access and handling. It allows operating the device quick and precisely.

Automatic deaeration
It assures uniform and constant temperature in the tank during sterilization cycle.

Supply voltage: 127 and 220 volts (with reversing switch)
It allows being turn on in any output voltage within operating range.
It is turned on in 127V (between 102V and 152V) and 220V (between 198V and 264V).

* 18 Safety Systems 

1 – Electronic time and temperature micro-controlled system.
It assures the repeatability of sterilization processes within the specified limits.

2 – Emergency key
It is activated by operator which interrupts the cycle in case of emergency.

3 – Electronic system that interrupts sterilization cycle
It actuates if the sterilization cycle does not start in up to 45 minutes, it can occur due to operating fault, lack or excess of water.

4 – Termoswitch

It protects the system against risks of excessive elevation of temperature in resistance assembly.

5 – Two overpressure valve safety seal
It actuates in case of operating fault where the pressure may exceed safety limits, with the purpose of avoiding overpressure risks.

6 – Anti vacuum under pressure valve 

The mechanical valve that actuates during door’s opening with the purpose of releasing air flow in order to allow its motion.

7 – Solenoid valve
It actuates in case of power outage, assuring system depressurization.

8 – Silicon ring for door’s sealing
It actuates in case of excessive elevation of pressure.

9 – Device with safety system against accidental doors opening
It assures immediate system depressurization in case of accidental openings, which does not allow that vapor flow displacement is directed to the operator.

10 – Electrical fuse assembly
It protects against risks of excessive elevation of current.

11 – Rubber feet
It assures total stability to the assembly.

12 – Safety device against accidental opening of door
Ensures immediate depressurization of the system in case of accidental opening. It does not allow the movement of the steam is directed to the operator.

13 – Set of electrical fuses
It protects against the risk of excessive rise of current.

14 – Rubber feet

They guarantee total stability to the assembly.

15 – Resistance type collar 
It is safer and more efficient. Avoid fire and consumes less energy.

16 – Cable temperature sensor
The Insulation is resistant to high temperatures.

17 – Copper pipe internal
Prevents leakage due to high pressure and temperature.

18 – Main switch
Easily accessible, avoids crashes. The Professional can turn it off when needed or when there is a power surge. No need to use the power cord.

* Accessories which accompany the Autoclave 21L Stainless Steel 

External steam outlet’s hose

This accessory must be connected and fixed to the external steam outlet using a clamp. It takes steam out.

Trays and support

The support and the two trays keep the materials to be sterilized apart from the chamber’s side walls, from the bottom and from the water.

Graduated glass
It’s used to dose the quantity of distilled water needed for each sterilization cycle.

Tray holder
It’s a device used to handle trays, avoiding direct contact with the operator

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