New Versa Chair

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  • Electro-mechanical dental chair with Column Lift spindle system provides more comfort to patient and professional, besides increasing the durability of the electro-mechanical set.
  • Folding leg support at knee height, automatically activated when the chair enters in zero position, lowering the feet for making it easy for patient to sit down and leave the chair.
  • Comfort point, a central swiveling system with virtual swivel center that simulates the articulation of femur from human body, thus providing increased comfort to patient.
  • Smart electrical circuit with work start and end positions, which facilitates the movements and saves time.
  • Base dimensioned in order to enable approach of DS / Assistant into the operative field, reducing risks of scoliosis and disc herniation; manufactured with a laser-cutting metallic plate and welded by robot, providing a more homogeneous weld, offering improved structural balance to the set for allowing complete stability, anchoring to floor is required.
  • Base lining in Integral Skin, protecting it against corrosion and providing a more uniform finish with a unique design.
  • Column Lift lifting system made of structured Aluminum, offers greater resistance, elevation capacity up to 200 kg.
  • Silent and smooth motions of seat and backrest activated by two electrical motor-reducers, oil-free.
  • Electrical commands through pedal foot control connected to chair base, with easy access by DS/Assistant; with seat and headrest up and down motions.
  • Multifunctional foot control driving the Chair, Auxiliary Unit, Equipment and Reflector with three programmable working positions with automatic and synchronized movements of elevation and inclination, adjustable according to the biotype of the DS; zero return, which accelerates the patient return to initial position; interruption of automatic motions with a single touch in any command; Reflector light on and off function, providing for biosecurity operation and requiring less effort, with four light intensities, programmable within a range of 8,000, 12,000, 18,000 and 25,000 lux. Automatic light reflector switch-off when pressing zero return key, Spitting position, making the headrest to lift up to a more comfortable position and the spit basin to move next to patient chest, also activating the basing water and also including, Chip Blower, Micromotor memory control (Optional), High-Speed Spray Drives
  • Metallic parts stripped, phosphatized and with zinc plating; painted with high-brightness (Epoxy) electrostatic paint, which provides improved finish and effective protection against contamination and corrosion, polystyrene and ABS covers, with rounded corners and UV protection.
  • Right and left arms manufactured in gray color, with integral skin, a material highly resistant to surface scratches and disinfection.
  • Maximum 900 mm, minimum 370 mm seat height above floor facilitates patient entry and exit.
  • Headrest with reduced forms and thickness, and bi-swiveled longitudinal motion with adjustable lock, streamlines the adjustment for increased comfort of patient and ergonomics of practitioner, with anteroposterior movement, it allows care of special-condition patients and pediatric dentistry.
  • Low voltage electric circuit of direct current and high-flexibility and electrical insulation flat cables, with connections through quick connectors not requiring welds, as they self-perforate the harness and are securely fastened, avoiding accidental disconnections or eventual bad contacts.
  • Protection fuses for power supply, ensuring safety in chair electrical system against voltage fluctuation and current surges.
  • Inner channel system for passing hoses, which provides increased biosecurity to dentist’s office.
  • Anatomic and enveloping upholstery with 1850 mm length and maximum 620 mm backrest width, built with special polyurethane foam with progressive density; molded with flexible PVC profile with extra lining in PA woven mesh; with comfortable density and lumbar support; it offers increased comfort to patient in long period sessions; completely seamless and easy to clean and disinfect, with washable feet protection cover, enabling an efficient cleaning, soft colors provide better integration with other components of office.
  • Supply Voltage 110/127/220V – 60 Hz.



– Dental equipment attached to chair, uses less space; with arm lock electro-pneumatic locking.

–      Integrated Ipad support with USB output enables using Ipad to control the chair and USB to recharge the equipment.

–      Delivery unit with pneumatic arm
–      Delivery unit for ambidextrous dental use
–      Flexible, removable and autoclavable handpiece support, protecting them from impact
–      Pneumatic lock activation
–      Allows up to 5 working terminals (ST + terminals).
–      Suport tray



Auxiliary unit anchored to floor with extruded aluminum frame; solid structure that enables chair up and down motions with the exclusive Column Lift system, it facilitates the assistant approach; painted with smooth, high-brightness polyurethane paint, it provides improved finish and effective protection against contamination and corrosion.

Body made of aluminum, which prevents oxidation and provides increased structural resistance to the assembly, however keeping its lightness.

Water tank with level sensor; the tank compartment is at an easily accessible location; it is transparent to facilitate viewing the level and has a sensor that indicates when the level is low.

Suction tip hoses with quick-connector; facilitates hose removal for an improved cleaning and disinfection, avoiding bad smell in doctor’s office.

Spit basin detached from unit body, made of enameled ceramic, with rounded shape and no protrusions or recesses, it provides a flawless disinfection with 90º automatic motion, facilitating the approaching for patient and assistant. Upper part in single, removable piece, made of polymer, prevents residue from adhering; in light color, contrast with any dirt; waste separator drain, holds solid residues avoiding clogging of suction tip and sewage box.

Suction tip support apart from unit body, with assisting arm; facilitates the access to DS and ADS, electric operation switch with programmable watering timer for the basin, providing increased water saving in the doctor’s office with a Venturi type suction tip with a 6.3 mm hose, automatically operated when removed from the support, provides constant suction, good draining of sucked liquid, and not causes back-flow or return of odors; suction tip hoses equipped with quick connector that easily connects and disconnects without requiring use of tools, enabling the cleaning and disinfection.

Water, air and sewage piping in PVC and polyurethane fully built-in provides increased safety and prevents contamination.

Waste separators, installed under the front cover of chair, with stainless steel lid and screen retain and avoid passage of major solid particles to the ejector, preventing clogging and facilitating the cleanliness and waste removal.

Sewage box enclosed in PVC, with vent and damper that minimize the noise from suction tip air output and bacteria contamination into environment.


  • Dental single-focus reflector consisting ofa head with special multi-faceted mirror, which generates a number of light sources through its faces, providing a concentrated focus without the shadows caused by interposition of hands or, eventually, the head of D.S.
  • Special multicoating mirroringwith high-hardness materials provides increased durability, preventing reflection of infrared and ultraviolet rays; it generates light without producing heat exceeding 3º C in room temperature, providing comfort to both operator and patient.
  • Programmable light intensity in range of 6,000, 9,000, 15,000 and 22,000 lux through a command located at chair foot switch, with color temperature of approximately 5,500º K, which reflects natural light equivalent to daylight, not causing distortion of teeth color or of used restoration materials, optimal for selecting aesthetic resins.
  • Illumination fieldemitted in rectangular shape, reflecting over an area of 8 x 16 cm, at a distance of 70cm from focus, not overshadowing the patient.
  • Light source with halogen H3 incandescent lamp, of 12V.A.C. and 55W,compact, being two or three times more durable than the conventional incandescent lamp. This lamp contains halogen (iodine, fluoride and bromine) added to normal gas, which prevents bulb darkening; 2,000 hours of expected service life.
  • Lamp guard in enameled carbon steel sheet made of transparent material, LEXAN GE polycarbonate, easy to clean; it offers protection against accidents caused by light bulb shards.
  • Head with ergonomic handlesmade of polycarbonate, painted with smooth, high-brightness polyurethane-based paint, incorporated to head with easy grip by the DS/Assistant for directing of the light beam, offering greater resistance and enabling disinfection.
  • Pantographic mount column and arm, with rounded shape, made of phosphatized carbon steel and painted with polyurethane-based paintwith fine, smooth, high-brightness finishing, which facilitates cleaning and disinfection. Multi-swivel arm with carbon steel articulations, withstands wearing, and enables the position of the head with minimum effort, reaching any work field and providing optimized illumination.
  • Input selection to 110/127/220V,low voltage output – 12 V.A.C., provides proper voltage to the lamp, increasing its service life, since it prevents the frequent burn out due to voltage fluctuations.
  • 1A fuse (110/127V).