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• Structure constructed in solid steel, with antioxidant treatment and painted in epoxy paint giving greater resistance and durability to the set.

• Base with anti-slip debris; no fixing on the floor.

• Pantographic lift type system made from sheet steel, offers greater resistance, lifting capacity up to 200 kg.

• Integrated junction box optimizing space inside the office.

• Features the ON / OFF button located on the side of the chair base making it easy for the professional to access.

• Ample upholstery available in 22 color options.

• Folding support arm 90º.

• Joystick control pedal with automatic return to zero position; emergency stop function and spit / return position to the last position.

• 04 working positions.

• Electromechanical lifting system driven by low-voltage BOSCH motor with 24 volts.

• Electronic system Integrated and low voltage: 24 volts.

• Supply voltage 127 or 220V ~ 50 / 60Hz.

• Anatomic, removable, bi-articulable, height-adjustable headrest with front, rear and longitudinal movements and lever-locking system.

• Ambidextrous



Delivery Unit

• Made of ABS Injection: gives greater durability / resistance to corrosion and color stability to the assembly.

• Composition: Extended Arm syringe / 01 terminals with spray for high rotation and 01 terminal with spray for pneumatic micromotor.

• Articulated and pneumatically locking, button-operated arms located under the body of the equipment in the side handle, allowing freedom of movement.

• Steer locking system: Relieve tension on hoses with greater mobility for handpieces (Hasteflex version).

• Support of removable and autoclavable hand pieces (Hasteflex model).

• Progressive pedal for the activation of the hand pieces in the equipment terminals, which allows the control of the speed and with activation in any point of the pedal.

• Extended Arm syringe: Rotary, removable and autoclavable nozzle.

• Hoses: Rounded, light and flexible.

• Tip support: With individual pneumatic drive.

• Removable stainless steel top: Easy to clean. It guarantees more practicality and resistance to corrosion.

• Bilateral Handle

• PAD control panel: PAD control panel with chair functions (Optional)

• X-ray viewer connected to the equipment for the easy visualization of radiographic examinations (Optional).


Water Unit

• Made of ABS Injection: gives greater durability / resistance to corrosion and color stability to the assembly.

• Spittoon: Deep, removable and with drain and filter for solids retention and cover to avoid splashes.

• Debris filter located on the base of the chair

• Water flow regulation system: Allows fine adjustment of the water flow.

• 1000 ml translucent reservoirs for: Water from handpieces and Extended Arm syringe.

• Unit of water and spittoon foldable in 60º, allowing a wide mobility that allows approaching the auxiliary to the operative field.

• Suctors: 01 Air saliva sucker (Venturi System) (Series)

• Proximity Sensor: Features a unique approach sensor that automatically triggers the flow of water in the cuspidor, providing greater convenience, patient comfort, safety and water savings.


Optional Water Unit:

• Suctor BV

• Suctor Vac Plus

• Extended Arm

• Syringe Triplice in the Water Unit



• Monofocal for dental use with Halogen (standard) or 1 LED (Optional).

• Multifaceted mirror with multicoating treatment.

• Double mirror protection in sturdy, transparent material.

• Bilateral handle-shaped knobs that allow isolation, avoiding the risk of cross-contamination.

• Head made of durable material, with 620º rotation.

• Intensity: 8,000 to 25,000 LUX (tolerance +/- 20%).


Light 3 and 5 LEDs

• Lighting technology – LED.

• Less energy consumption, consumes up to 95% less electricity than conventional models.

• Does not use light bulbs.

• Greater durability of light source (LED), up to 50,000 hours.



Proximity sensor

• The drive of the reflector is carried out exclusively by the approach sensor located at the bottom of the head, avoiding the risk of cross-contamination.

• The luminous intensity selection is also performed through the proximity sensor. The reflector has an internal digital electronic system, easy and quick to program.



Cold light source

• It does not generate heat in the operative field.



Rectangular light focus

• When properly positioned for illumination of the mouth, it does not generate discomfort in the region of the patient’s eyes.

• Increase the size of the focus of illumination of the oral cavity, providing a greater area of illumination in the field of work.


• Totally innovative with rounded lines, it delivers a modern, harmonious look and makes handling easier.


• Made of durable material, with 620º rotation. It is light, has high durability and allows wide mobility in various positions.

• New design that features more robust body and easy hygiene.


• Bilateral-shaped handle – allows isolation avoiding the risk of cross-contamination.

• Removable and autoclavable.

• The positioning of the handles makes it possible to choose the position according to the professional’s needs.

Front Protector

• Removable, constructed of durable and transparent material, it protects the optical system against aerosol.

The office can be configured with one of the versions below:

 Sensor 3 LEDs

• Optical system with 3 LEDs.

• Three Intensities: 10,000, 20,000 and 30,000 LUX (with variation of + -10%).

Sensor 5 LEDs

• Optical system with 5 LEDs.

• Three Intensities: 15,000, 25,000 and 35,000 LUX (with variation of + -10%).

 Sensor 3×2 LEDs

• Exclusive Orange Technology. 

• Optical system with 5 LEDs: 3 white LEDs + 2 orange LEDs.

• Four light intensities – White light: 15,000, 25,000 and 35,000 LUX (with variation of + -10%) and Orange light: 5,000 LUX.

• It allows the use of Orange light during clinical procedures with photoactivated materials, increasing their handling time by inhibiting the early polymerization of composite resins and other photoactivated materials.