Futura AD Complete kit + Dispenser



Addition silicone impression material


  • Impression material with excellent fidelity.
  • Dimensional stability for 14 days.
  • High tearing resistence.
  • High accuracy in the reproduction of details of subgingival areas due to its flowability and hydrocompatibility.
  • Excellent recovery from deformation.
  • It allows to reproduce multiple plaster models from a single impression.
  • Fluid pastes with high thixotropy.
  • Excellent visualization obtained by color contrast.
  • Easy removal from the mouth after setting.
  • Excellent hydrocompatibility property.
  • Easy handling due to its presentation in self-mixing cartridges.
  • It can be used in single or double step impression techniques.
  • ISO 13485 Certification.
  • Universal dispenser 1:1/2:1.


  • Indicated for high-precision impressions as indirect veneers, contact lenses and ceramic fragments; Crowns, inlays, onlays and bridges, total and partial prosthesis; Manufacture of mockup, palatal index and guides for veneers; Transfer impression technique for implant and for the orthodontic aligners.