Endus Duo R

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Odontometry is the most important step in endodontic therapy, since the length of the apical limit of instrumentation and obturation has a direct influence on treatment success.

When radiographic methods for determining the tooth length are applied, it is well known that this method can lead to fool professional, since overlaps, and especially the non-coincidence of foraminal exit with the anatomical apex are common and difficult to see on a radiograph leading to an inaccurate diagnosis and flawed.

On the other hand, the use of electronic apex locators are designed to make this  Odontometry process easily,  providing accuracy in obtaining the length of the root canals bringing more speed and accuracy in treatment and in the daily of endodontics professionals.

The apex locator Endus is simple to use, with a user-friendly interface and extremely accurate, providing highly sensitive measurements with measurements every 0.1 mm and beeps front approaching the apex. Gnatus technology for accurate results

Main features: 

  • Compact design and user-friendly interface
  • Do not suffer interference from adjacent tooth anatomical structures.
  • Less time to obtain the working length.
  • Can be applied in detecting root fractures.
  • Can be applied in the detection of side perforations.
  • Fully automatic with no manual adjustment or calibration.
  • Wireless, operating through battery (AAA 1.5V )
  • Screen color LCD 5 “
  • Highly sensitive (Measure every 0.1 mm), with audible warnings ahead of the approaching apex.
  • Sound time: The unit has 4 levels of sound – 2.0mm to 1.0mm beeps paused / 1.0mm to 0.5 continuous / 0.5mm to 0.0mm short and frequent beeps and below 0.0mm (OVER) intermittent beeps.
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to use.