DFL Orion

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Light cured microhybrid composite restorative resin for anterior and posterior teeth


  • Produced with Nanotechnology.
  • Silica and Barium particles from German technology.
  • Excellent consistency.
  • Radiopaque.
  • Excellent surface smoothness.
  • Easy to sculpt.
  • Do not stick to spatula.
  • Fluorescence similar to the natural tooth.
  • Simplified color system.
  • Color fidelity – Vita Shade Guide.
  • 0,7μm average particle size.
  • 60%-64% Inorganic filler volume.
  • 75%-79% Inorganic filler weight.
  • 0,04-2,8μm Particle size range.


  • Indicated for anterior and posterior teeth restorations; Direct veneers; Diastemas closing; Splinting; Core build-ups.