DFL Mepiadre

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Local injectable anesthetic, with each ml containing 20mg of Mepivacaine hydrochloride (36mg/carpule), 10 micrograms of Epinephrine (18µg/carpule), packaged in glass cartridges with siliconized plungers


  • Contains Epinephrine, offering better hemostasis with greater safety.
  • Lower vasodilator potential, increasing the duration of anesthesia.
  • Packaged in glass cartridges.
  • Paraben Free.
  • Allows better visualization of blood reflux.
  • Comfort for the patient – greater smoothness of the siliconized plunger, minimizing pain during injection.
  • Total efficacy of the product throughout the shelf life due to the absence of glass porosity.
  • High anesthetic success rate.
  • No possibility of polymer contamination because glass does not degrade.
  • GMP Certification – Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • ABO (Brazilian Dental Association) Recommend Quality Seal.
  • Each cartridge is surrounded by a safety adhesive label that protects the oral cavity in case of breakage and contains all anesthetic specifications.
  • Packing in sealed blisters.


  • Indicated for surgical procedures in general, for example periodontal and endodontic surgeries, minor oral surgery, apicetomy and placement of implants.