Dabi Atlante TURBINE PB

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Dabiatlante’s Push Button Turbine has ceramic ball bearings and an exclusive digital microbalance technology, ensuring longer part life. In addition to their bold design, they are lighter, more anatomical and more comfortable for the dental surgeon with anodized aluminum body. It also has the Friction Grip option.

Handpiece body

Bold design with rounded lines;

Made of anodized treated aluminium.

Autoclavable up to 135C.

Borden(2 holes) and Midwest(4 holes) Connection

Triple Spray

Symmetrically distributed towards the tip of the drill bit.

Thoroughly designed to cool the drill cutting area in any working position, avoiding overheating of the hand pieces and reducing the possibility of interruption of the spray by plugging the holes.


420,000 RPM

Precisely balanced rotors

Working Air Pressure

Between 32 and 35 pounds (psi)

Ideal Weight

Net weight less than 32,0 grams

Low Work Noise

Drill Attachment – Push Button System

Drive via a button located on the back of the handpiece head (Push Button).

Allows quick change of the drill bits. No need to use a drill bit.

Resistant to a traction that ensures the locking of the drill.

*also available in Friction Grip version with Drills Drawer

High torque

Ergonomic format

Thin body

Has non-slip grooves

Sloping end

Exclusive Electrochemical Treatment

Surface layer stiffening treatment system that ensures the durability of the thread.

*Does not include drill